• Matthew Madden

Orca Watch 2019

Recently, a friend of mine who is studying to become a filmmaker approached me to provide aerial videography for his end-of-year project. This seemed like a great opportunity to me, as I've not yet had the chance to get my teeth into a larger project.

The project in question is an upcoming event in Caithness, in the North of Scotland. It is a 9 day event starting on the 17th of May where enthusiasts and volunteers from all over the country gather to observe and collect data on the annual migration of orca through the Pentland Firth.

My friend has been lucky enough to have been given permission to not just film his final year project, but also film a promotional film for the Sea Watch Foundation during the event, and for both of these films, my flying skills have been requested. This will be a challenging shoot, as we will be shooting in varied and extreme locations, often seeking orca from boats or flying behind moving vehicles.

Planning for my upcoming trip has filled up some of the rainy days we've been having up (down?) in Northumberland lately, with researching shots, assessing sites and filling out risk assessments for various scenarios.

I'll be trying to post regular updates as the event progresses, along with any pictures and videos that I manage to snap along the way! Make sure to come back soon.

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